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First of all, take time to sit and collect your thoughts, there is no need to rush at this time.

After you have collected your thoughts, you may wish to call a friend or relative if you are alone and in need of support during this time. There may also be friends or relatives who may wish to see your loved one before he or she is taken to the Funeral Home.

Call your general practitioner or their after-hours service. The doctor will usually come as soon as possible to pronounce “Life Extinct” and issue a “Medical Certificate of Cause of Death”, providing the doctor has seen the deceased within the last three months.

The next call you should make is to your Funeral Director. Barbara King Funeral Director will offer advice and support on who to contact and the procedures involved.

Prompt & personal care 24/7 at your time of need.

Funeral planners you can trust to give your family peace of mind.

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