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Some families choose not to have a Funeral Service. This is what is regarded as a No Service No Attendance Funeral.

The deceased is transferred to the crematorium or cemetery with only our funeral staff in attendance. The family & friends then choose to have a private gathering or memorial service at a separate time to honour the life of their loved one.

In recent times this has become an increasingly popular choice to have this type of service. The family are free to organize a private farewell amongst friends or relatives. In some circumstances, it has been the wishes of the deceased to have a No Service No Attendance Funeral.

We can help also help you prepare a

No Service, Celebration of Life Funeral.

Barbara King Funeral Director can assist you with all aspects of this type of Funeral, from meeting with family to finalize arrangements, to the Transfer of the deceased to Our mortuary facilities, mortuary care, preparation and dressing of the deceased, placement in a coffin, transportation to the crematorium or cemetery.

If a Memorial Service is preferred, the Service will usually take place separately to the Burial or Cremation, this can be conducted in a Church, Memorial Park Chapel or Garden, Residential Home, Park or Lakeside Area.

If you would like to know more about the No Service, Celebration of Life Funeral, please contact us.

Prompt & personal care 24/7 at your time of need.

Funeral planners you can trust to give your family peace of mind.

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