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Cremation dates from at least 20,000 years ago in the archaeological record.

Some people view cremation as a way of simplifying the funeral process. These people view a ground burial as an unneeded complication of their funeral process, and thus choose cremation to make their services as simple as possible. For surviving kin, cremation is preferred because of simple portability. Survivors relocating to another city or country have the option of transporting the remains of their loved ones with the ultimate goal of being interred or scattered together.

Most cemeteries will grant permission for burial of cremated remains in occupied cemetery plots that have already been purchased or are in use by the families.

Modern Cremation Funeral Service normally involves a Service held in a Chapel adjacent to the crematorium, A Church or other Venue, then travelling to the crematorium for immediate cremation.

We can help plan your Cremation Service

The Cremation Service involves organizing booking times with the crematorium, the cost of conducting the cremation and a hire fee for the chapel. We will make these arrangements for you. The crematorium will contact you after the funeral to arrange a memorial or collection of cremated remains.

A Church Funeral Service is normally performed when the Deceased or Family of Deceased is or has been a member of a Certain parish or Religious group. Preparation for the Service details with Minister’s or church leaders is made with the assistance of Barbara King Funeral Director. A Cremation, Burial or Memorial Service can be arranged with a Church Service.

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